Facility and Capabilities

Overview Summary of Plant and Capabilities

Building: 60,000 ft. on six acres.

Centralized Melting with efficient furnaces capable of pouring various alloys.

12 Aluminum Die Cast Machines from 120 MT to 400 MT Automated with Robots and Ladles.

Size Capability of Parts: up to 250 square inches of projected area; weight from 10 gms to 3 Kgs..

Machining Capability: CNC Vertical Mills, various dedicated machining centers, SPM’s

Assembly Capability: Various assembly onto castings of purchased items, components, and various testing.

Departmental Equipment List

Engineering & Design
Solidworks, Catia, AutoCAD

Die Casting Department

3 400 Ton Aluminium Cold Chamber, YUZUMI
2 180 Ton Aluminium Cold Chamber, YUZUMI

1 120 Ton Aluminium Cold Chambered, Technocrat
1 160 MT Zinc Hot Chamber, Producer
3 120 MT Zinc Hot Chamber, Producer
2   90 MT Zinc Hot Chamber, Producer

2 Gravity Die Casting Machines, IMR Italy
3 Core Shooters, IMR Italy
1 Induction Furnace

Die Casting Department Ancillary Equipment

6 Automatic Ladle
7 Automatic Spray System

2 Band Saw’s

Trim Department Equipment

1 50 Ton Hydraulic Power Presses.
5  20 Ton Hydraulic Power Presses
4  10 Ton Hydraulic  Power Press
4    5 Ton  Hydraulic Presses Press

5  2 Ton Hand Press

Machining Department

5 CNC FANUC Robodrills,  with Automatic tool changers
3 CNC Turning Centers, ACE Micromatics
8 Special Purpose Machines (SPM’s)
3 Lathe Machines
Multiple drill/tap/bore operations

Finishing Equipment

1 Shot Blasting, Tumble Type
5  Vibrating Machines
5 Lancering Machines
80 Sanding and Polishing  Cell

Quality Department

1 Spectrometer, SPECTRA with Carl Zeiss

1 Coordinate Measuring Machine, Accurate Gauging

Flow Testing Stations

Leak Test Stations

Various numbers of Surface plate, Height Gauge, Vernier Calipers, Micrometers, Radius Gauges, Filler Gauge, Roughness tester

Tool Room

Various Milling Machines, Lathes, Grinders, Radial Drill, Welding Equipment to support the production operations in repair work.