CNC Machining

ASIA offers in-house CNC machining as a complement to our die casting services. These CNC machines use a tailored approach to manufacture custom-made parts that are ready for product assembly.

Customized Tooling with High-Quality Machines

Here at ASIA, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product available to our customers. Our expertly trained production staff uses advanced engineering and top of the line machining to create high quality customized tooling that fit any design requirements.
Our state of the art machining processes are fully automated with operators loading/unloading parts and performing necessary quality checks. By strategically utilizing our CNC equipment, we are able to perform multiple tasks at one machining station.

Types of Machining

Multi-Point Drilling
Multi-Point Tapping
Lathe and Turning

Get Everything You Need From ASIA

ASIA is your one-stop-shop for all your die casting and CNC machining needs. With our added machining process, you can consolidate many services and buy from one supplier. With our CNC machining services, you can find everything you need while receiving a guaranteed high-quality product.